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RYUKOGO (Coming Soon)

A new age, community driven incubator and Launchpad. Dedicated solely to Memecoins. $RYU Holders will have the voting authority on which projects should be Incubated and Launched via RYUKOGO


  • Launchpad

    Providing an efficient launchpad, which will be guided by the vision and opinions of the community. RYUKO Launchpad known as RYUKOGO will be utilized as a ground breaking source for launching projects with community input and voting system. Every project will go through a vetting system which allows us to verify the authenticity of a project as well as provide early support for the growth of this chosen project. The community will also help build a foundation at early development phase and be essential. Consider this early organic hype which will build our growing ecosystem of Anime projects.

  • Incubators

    As the IDO space has experienced exponential growth, the number of new projects has intensified. In this new landscape a solid foundation will be built among quality projects aiming to grow our ecosystem and network. Our new incubator program will select and support the most promising teams and projects, giving them marquee status across our ecosystem.

  • DAO Governance

    A powerful community brings great success for every project. We aim to empower each holder of Ryuko by offering a DAO voting system for projects being built on our launch pad - Presenting, RYUDAO. A decentralized platform for the Ryuko community to vote for RYUKOGO launches and project incubation.

  • Liquidity Locker

    As a service, Ryuko Ecosystem will also provide Liquidity locking services for projects owners. We aim for the LP locking system to be steadfast and set high standards in the crypto industry. The revenue generated from this will be used to buyback and burn $RYU tokens.




If you or your team have an idea for a project that you are passionate about, or possibly even already working on a project and need guidance- click on the button below


Upcoming Projects


  • Phase 01

    - Contract Deploy/ Audit

    - Final UI

    - Marketing Campaign

    - Launch

    - RYUKOGO Launchpad

    - 1000+ holders

  • Phase 02

    - CMC/CG

    - Host 3+ Token Launches

    - $RYU staking

    - RyuDAO

    - Partnerships

    - 2000+ holders

  • Phase 03

    - Incubation of Projects

    - Mass marketing

    - CEX listing

    - Community Rewards

    - 3000+ holders

  • Phase 04

    - NFT’s / NFT Marketplace

    - Merch

    - Liquidity Locker

    - Multi Utility DApp